Cold Desert Nights

The dawn of the brigands

The group was brought together by a common goal: Survival.
They had an idea for a scheme to “earn some honest money” from the locals with the betting in the fighting pits, dictating who’s gonna win and lose and bet on the underdog.
Their scheme had slight success, earning them some copper pieces, but some of the group felt it wasn’t enough and set out for greater earnings, looking for traders stuffed with gold.

It took their greatest efforts in searching and a whole lot of luck, but amidst all the vastness of the city slums there was a merchant, gloating over his own great wealth in comparison to the outcasts. Fearless of the 4 mercenaries protecting the merchant, the two from the group set their plan in motion to rob the merchant.
The mercenaries reacted quickly at the would-be thieves getting closer, warding them off with their spears. The thieves, however, would not go empty handed and tried to persuade the merchant into relaxing his guards and have a talk with them.
The merchant was not the least bit interested in speaking with street ruffians and told his guards to dispose of them, which led to the closest of the two to react a bit rash, casting a spell on one guard, shattering his innards and making him drown in his own blood.

The other mercenaries panicked at the mere sight and ran off. The merchant passed out. While out, the merchants money was taken and the spellcasting thief had run off. The other, however, took advantage of the merchants confusion and guided him back to the city gates where he left the merchant and headed back to meet up with the others.

They all returned to the shack they’d come to call home and shared their experiences. The thieves wanted admiration for their work, but the fighters were more interested in planning what to do with the money, which in the end got split between the group.

They have now ensured money for food for awhile in the group, but there are now citizens who know that there dwells a spellcaster in the slums, something the King doesn’t look kindly upon. How long will it be until the city guards comes searching for them?


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